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Massage for Pain Management and Relaxation


With a combination of Eastern and Western massage, I work from a foundation of Neuromuscular Therapy and focus on structural imbalances that are causing discomfort throughout the body. I also blend Thai Massage techniques including acupressure and stretching to help relax the mind and body in order to accomplish deep muscle release.



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Neuromuscular Therapy

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"I have been seeing Dustin for several months now for Neuromuscular Massage and I truly feel lucky to have found him. His massage studio is very welcoming and spending time there feels like a little getaway from life as usual. His skill as a massage therapist is what keeps me coming back though.
The first time I went to see Dustin for Neuromuscular Therapy I was recovering from my third open-heart surgery and a brachial plexus injury, which I suffered during surgery. I was in a lot of pain, had limited use of my right hand and couldn't straighten my right arm. He worked wonders for me! After just one visit I was able to straighten my arm without pain. I have been going regularly ever since. My pain level has decreased dramatically and the overall range of motion in my shoulder, arm and hand is now normal. Dustin has an amazing knowledge of how the body works and getting Neuromuscular Therapy is unlike any massage I've ever had.
Dustin is a genuinely caring person and a joy to be around. He does amazing work and I feel so good when I leave there! I would recommend him to anyone and often do."
~Marijani Fourie

"I have been receiving neuro-muscular therapy massage work from Dustin Kline for the last 4 months or so. I came in with complaints of carpel tunnel-like symptoms and stress-related pains in my arm and back. After just 4 sessions, the carpel-tunnel symptoms are gone and the pains in my arms and back are greatly diminished. Dustin looks at the body as a whole. He was able to see that though my pain might be in my back, it might be caused by a tightness in my chest area, for example. He worked on all the inter-connected muscles and provided great relief for my condition. His office is in a very peaceful and relaxing space as well. I highly recommend him for all your massage needs."
~ Ben Anders

"I highly recommend Dustin. He is highly attentive, knowledgeable and thorough every single time. I initially began getting treatments because I was experiencing extreme discomfort, he speed my recovery along exponentially. I continue to get massages now purely for maintenance and enjoyment. It's been several months now and the sessions continue to get better."
~ Amanda Clark-Martin


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