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Dustin Kline


I was first introduced to yoga and meditation at the age of sixteen through a book about natural healing ways that I found on my mother's bookshelf.  I began to learn some yoga poses and started to meditate in my free time.  Through this practice I began to come to the realization that there is so much more to life than what can be seen with the two physical eyes.  Years later I began to learn about Karma Yoga by studying the Bhagavad Gita and got really deep into living a yogic lifestyle.  Through this practice I realized that I have healing energy to help people in need, and made it my mission to do so.

I began teaching Yoga in 2009 and have been practicing massage therapy since 2010.  In order to receive a very broad education in bodywork, I attended four different schools that specialize in only massage therapies.  My practice of bodywork also goes beyond the table, I strive to educate everyone so that they can become empowered to help themselves heal in their daily life on their own.


I am now on a continuous journey to always expand my knowledge of healing for the sake of all living beings.



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